Orientation Service


The Orientation Service of the School of Political Sciences "Cesare Alfieri" aims to provide students with the right tools to make an informed choice regarding their educational career within an internationally renowned institution that values work, skills and merit, and offers a high standard of teaching and guarantees to its students the best environment to study and build their future.


Director of the Orientation Service:  Prof. Ginevra Cerrina Feroni who is also president of the commission that includes the school's and the single programmes' orientation delegates.


Orientation delegates for prospective students of first cycle (bachelor) degrees: Mauro Campus and Giorgia Bulli


Orientation delegates for prospective students of second cycle (master) degrees:

  • prof. Annalisa Tonarelli for the master degree in Planning and Implementing Social Policies
  • prof. Luisa Vierucci for the master degree in International Relations and European Studies 
  • prof. Maria Grazia Pazienza for the master degree in Political Sciences and Decision-making Processes 
  • prof. Sandro Landucci for the master degree in Sociology and Social Research
  • prof. Silvia Pezzoli for the master degree in Public and Political Communication Strategies

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