Entry knowledge test

To enrol in one of the bachelor's degrees at the "Cesare Alfieri" School of Political Sciences, it is mandatory to take an entry knowledge test or entrance test.

The test is valid only for admission to the Bachelor (Laurea Triennale) in Political Science and the Bachelor in Social Work.

The test is purely orientational in nature (Art. 6 D.M. 270/04): which means that the outcome of the test does not affect the admission to the Degree Courses. However, not taking the test or failing it will prevent students from being able to take the exams.



DISPENSED from taking the entrance knowledge test are those who:

  • already hold an Italian university degree;
  • have already taken and passed the political science test at any other affiliated universities;
  • have applied for transfer from another University or transfer from other Degree Courses of our University to Degree Courses of the School of Political Science "Cesare Alfieri", and who have been granted a number of CFUs equal to or greater than 18;
  • interrupted their studies but had previously taken and passed the test at the Faculty/School of Political Science of the University of Florence

Reading Material (in Italian)

Test example (in Italian)

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