How to graduate

In order to be admitted to the final dissertation, you must first pass all the exams and the training activities envisaged in your study plan. After that, you have to submit the application for the dissertation exam within the deadlines set for each session 

Graduation Sessions

The graduation application procedure

The graduation application procedure is entirely online for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees on the TesiOnLine  platform (the session will be active for application submission 60 days in advance )

Once the online application is submitted, the supervisor receives an email alert with directions for its approval. Following confirmation by the supervisor, the student must always consolidate the application online(close and submit the application).

Uploading the final thesis

Master’s degrees (Lauree Magistrali)

After consolidating the application, only Master’s degree students must upload the final thesis text in pdf format, therefore no longer editable, and wait for the final validation of the thesis advisor before paying the fee via the dedicated payment slip.

Bachelor’s degrees (Lauree Triennali)

If you are an undergraduate, you do not need to upload the thesis file to the platform after consolidating the application, but you must send the final, and therefore no longer editable, paper to  following the directions on anti-plagiarism software.

Paying the graduation fee

Once the final copy of the dissertation has been uploaded or submitted, all students must download the INC1 slip to pay the graduation fee by the due dates.

See application and dissertation submission deadlines


Withdrawal of graduation application

Once you have submitted the online application, if you no longer intend to graduate in the chosen session, you must cancel your application (annulla domanda).

Thesis in English

If you have written your thesis in English you should not enter the title in Italian in the online application but enter the English title twice.

April graduation session

Students graduating in the April session can take advantage of the March special exam session by printing out the graduation application entered online and submitting it to the professor of the exam they plan to take.

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