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Access the online service to submit or edit your study plan.


What is a study plan?

The study plan is the set of all the exams that must be taken to reach the 180 CFU (bachelor’s degree) or 120 CFU (master’s degree) required to graduate.

The list of subjects in the plan may change according to the admission year. View the study plan by accessing your study program’s website and following the STUDY PLAN/COHORT path.

Here you can also find all the information about active subjects in the current academic year 

Who can submit the study plan?

All students enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program must submit a study plan at least once in their academic career.

Current or  first-year-off-par [fuori corso] students can submit the Study Plan through the online procedure, namely:

  • Bachelor’s degrees cohort 2022 (2nd year), 2021 (3rd year), 2019 (1st year off-par).
  • Master’s degrees cohort 2023 (1st year), 2022 (2nd year), 2021 (1st year off-par)

Starting from the second year off-par, the submission of the study plan must be made only through the hard-copy procedure. Please contact

When to submit the plan

See the calendar of study plan submission periods


How to submit your study plan

  • To access the online procedure, you must be enrolled in the current academic year and be in good standing with the payment of fees.
  • Submission is final, and after that, the study plan is no longer editable.
  • Before starting the online procedure, we suggest viewing the video tutorial.
  • Read the University Guide to Submitting the Online Study Plan (in Italian)


To report problems of a purely IT nature, however, you can use the Help Desk Service. For information, you can write to:


Change of curriculum/class

  • Any change in the curriculum must be made before starting the plan amendment procedure. The “choice of pathway” function is accessed by selecting “Career” in your personal profile’s Menu. 
  • If you are enrolled in the Master’s Degree in International Relations and European Studies and wish to change your class (from International Relations LM-52, to European Studies LM-90, or vice versa), you have to contact 

Rejected study plans

If the Plan of Study submitted online is rejected by the Teaching Committee of your Study Program, you may submit a new one, also online, during the following periods:

For Window 1 (November-December 2022):

the “ricompila” (resubmit) function is active from 6 to 16 December 2022

For Window 2 (February-May 2023):
the “ricompila” (resubmit) function is active from 5 to 15 May 2023

The study plan will be visible in your career after the Study Program Council approves it.

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