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Outgoing student

This section is dedicated for the students normally enrolled in the University of Florence, not for the Erasmus Incoming students. It gives some information about the Erasmus studying program, the possible destinations and the different documentations required by our University for the Erasmus Outgoing students.

For further informations contact the International Relations Office (Building D1, 3° floor, Via delle  Pandette, 32, 50127, Firenze; e-mail: )


Deadline partner



  • Transcript of records  (pdf)  (rtf)
  • Learning /Change agreement (pdf)
  • Domanda di prolungamento  (pdf)  (rtf)
  • Convalida esami modulo I  (pdf)  (rtf)
  • Convalida esami modulo II (pdf)  (rtf)
  • Rinuncia  (pdf)  (rtf)
last update: 16-Nov-2016
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