Application and Enrolment Procedure

Application and Enrolment Procedure


Step 1: NOMINATION – for Partner Universities Coordinators

In order to be accepted by the School of Political Science "Cesare Alfieri", the HOME INSTITUTION of the students selected within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme or the Cooperation agreement must send an official NOMINATION to International Relations Office ( within the following deadlines.


Nomination deadlines:  

-        1st semester or full year:       30th May

-        2nd semester:                          30th October


The nomination should include the following information for each student:

-        Erasmus University Code

-        Student’s Name and Surname

-        Student’s Email address

-        Field of study and level (BA, MA, PhD)

-        Duration of studies at the School of Political Science

-        Period (first/second semester, full year)


Step 2: APPLICATION  -  for nominated students

Once we receive the nomination, our Incoming Service ( will contact you by email, providing all the information needed to proceed with the Application and all the documentation required. Students are required to send all the documentation within the following deadlines:


Application deadline:  

-        1st semester or full year:       30th June 

-        2nd semester:                          30th November 

The documentation, duly signed  must be sent to relint(at)


FACT SHEET 2024-2025

FAQ Incoming Students




Once we process your application our Incoming Service will send you an acceptance email with the instructions regarding the steps to follow once you arrive in Florence. Please check the e-mail regularly.


Step 4: CHECK IN PROCEDURE IN FLORENCE - Tax Code and Web Registration


The tax ID number or code (Codice Fiscale often abbreviated C.F.) is a fiscal identification code, comprised of letters and numbers taken from your personal details, that identifies citizens when dealing with Italian public Authorities and other Administrations. It is required in Italy for all sorts of procedures (e.g. applying for a resident permit, opening a bank account, applying for the National Health Service card, renting a flat, buying a mobile phone SIM card, etc.).


Option 1:  you can request it online ahead of time (recommended) if you are a EU citizen. Please follow the instructions you can download below:

How to apply for an italian Tax Code "Codice Fiscale"

 Form - English

Form - Spanish

Form - French

PLEASE NOTE: print the form and sign it by hand then make a high quality scan (NOT a wonky, badly-lit photo with your phone!) and send it back to the Agency. 


Option 2: (the only one available to non-EU citizens) The request may be submitted personally to any local tax office branch of the Italian Revenue Agency  (Agenzia delle Entrate
Direzione Provinciale di FIRENZE
Via Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, 23
50129 - FIRENZE
Hours: Mon-Fri. 8.30-12.45 | Tue-Wed-Thu. 14.15-16.00 
Ph: 055-4787111
E-mail: dp.firenze(AT)

The tax code is issued immediately and free of charge. It is necessary to complete the AA4/8 form

 EU/EEA citizens must bring a valid passport or another form of ID; non EU/EEA citizens must bring the passport with a valid visa (if requested) and a copy of it (clearly showing personal data and visa) and/or the residence permit.



Web Registration. Please, complete the online registration to UNIFI.

The Erasmus desk will proceed with the official enrolment at UNIFI. The staff will check your application documentation and will release you the USER ID (matriculation number) which is  the identification number to access the online services and to register your exams. 

On the top of their personal webpage on SOL, students can find the Erasmus mobility’s date of beginning and end.

All the activities related to the Erasmus Mobility in Florence have to be completed within the last day indicated on the libretto.

Students will  receive a USER ID (matriculation number) and a provisional password (date of birth) to access the online services at, the platform used to book exams and accept or refuse grades.

Students are requested to change the password at their first access.

If students should lose their registration number or their password, they are invited to contact Novoli Office as soon as possible.

The Erasmus desk ( is located in Piazza Ugo di Toscana 5, Building D15 – ground floor, room 0.03 - 50127 Firenze and has the following opening hours: Monday – Tuesday – Thursday 10.00-13.00

From this moment you are officially enrolled at UNIFI.



If you need to change your learning agreement you are allowed to do it within the end of October (1st semester) or the end of March (2nd semester). For more information, get in touch with the School of Political Science "Cesare Alfieri" International Office (during the office hours or write an e-mail to


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