Changes to the Original Learning Agreement and Extension



After starting classes, you may want to change the courses that do not suit you, but remember that you are allowed to do changes to the original study plan just one time per semester. Therefore, we advise you not to make changes immediately.


Changes deadline:  

-        1st semester:       31st October

-        2nd semester:      31st March   


Here is the procedure for changing your Learning Agreement:

  1. Download the form.
  2. Fill in the form and send it to the Erasmus coordinator of your University, asking to sign and stamp it
  3. Mail it back to us ( as soon as possible. 
  4. Our Erasmus Coordinator will sign the form and we will send it to the Erasmus Front Office in Novoli (Building D15), that will update your study plan


Do you want more details? Here we have a step by step tutorial on HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LA


Please note that in order to successfully complete the change of your study plan, you have to use our form and follow our procedure. If your Home University needs the same documents, we will be happy to sign them but this cannot replace ours.


Here’s your form for changing the Learning Agreement: Changes form template




The student can ask for an extension of the study period within one month before the end of his/her Erasmus. The extension can be up to a period of a total of 12 months but remember that you have to end your Erasmus mobility by 30th of September. Here is the procedure for extending your mobility:


  1. Download the form 
  2. Fill in the form and send it to your University’s Erasmus coordinator, asking to sign and to stamp it (scan version is ok)
  3. Send the form approved by your University to 
  4. check on SOL if the ending date of your Erasmus has been updated


Do you want more information? Have a look here!




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