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SC-POLITICHE Scuola di Scienze Politiche

Université de CARTHAGE


L''Institut National du Travail et des Etudes Sociales







  • Improving the Academic programs offered by both UNIFI and UCAR in the International Relations and the Social Policy fields, and fostering cross-fertilization of research and teaching activities between the two shores of the Mediterranean sea with a focus on tertiary education institutions.
  • Enriching the courses offered on the Italian side by the DIGIS and RISE Master programs at the University of Florence and on the Tunisian side,  by INTES  and FSJPST - thanks to teaching staff mobility.
  • Developing  personal contacts aimed at building research networks .
  • Promoting research collaborations on the following broad topics: a) EU Neighbourhood Policy and relations between the EU and the Maghreb; b) Migration and the management of social fragility; c)  Human Rights and the Strengthening of democracy.




  • 12 UCAR Incoming students: 10 for study (6 months each), 2 INTES students for traineeship (3 months each)
  • 12 UNIFI outgoing students: 6 for study (6 months each), 6 traineeships (3 months each)


  • 4 UCAR professors incoming and 4 UNIFI professors outgoing (5 days each)


  • 2 UCAR administrative staff incoming and 2 UNIFI administrative staff outgoing (5 days each) to define the practical details concerning the management of the project and to exchange good practices.



Coordinator and Scientific Manager: prof. Alberto Tonini


RISE Activities coordinator: prof.Alberto Tonini

DIGIS Activities coordinator: prof. Annik Magnier


FSJPST Activities coordinator: prof. NeilaChaabane.

INTES Activities coordinator: prof. Lassaad LABIDI

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